Environmental & Toxic Tort

Environmental & Toxic Tort

MMP&S’s environmental & toxic tort attorneys are frequently retained in connection with disputes arising under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (commonly known as Superfund), Brownfields and Land Revitalization Program and State equivalents in this highly regulated practice area. Likewise, MMP&S handles municipal landfill and ash fill design and underground storm water detention system (USDS) design cases; losses involving USTs (underground storage tanks); issues involving liability and damages imposition under Spill Compensation and Control legislation; disclosure obligations for environmental issues on construction projects; and impacts, implications and compliance with the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act.

We represent insurers in complex multiparty coverage disputes arising out of environmental contamination and pollution. Aside from standard commercial general liability policies, we are frequently called upon to handle claims and analyze coverage issues arising out of environmental site liability policies, cost cap policies and pollution legal liability policies.

We also defend clients in personal injury or property damage cases arising out environmental exposures such as infant lead paint, mold, leaking underground oil tanks and MTBE.

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