Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare & Medical

MMP&S has a top-notch team of seasoned litigators and accomplished trial attorneys with decades of experience defending medical professionals and facilities against claims of negligence, malpractice, and misconduct. More importantly, they have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for their healthcare clients.

The representation of healthcare professionals and facilities requires lawyers with specialized knowledge and expertise in the client’s professional discipline combined with a solid understanding of the applicable law. The MMP&S Healthcare & Medical Malpractice Team takes pride in its ability to analyze and understand the complex medical and legal issues that arise in claims of alleged negligence, malpractice, and misconduct.

MMP&S represents a myriad of healthcare practitioners with their diverse legal needs including doctors, dentists, nurses, mental health care providers, physician assistants, podiatrists, optometrists, audiologists, aestheticians, therapists, paramedics, home health care paraprofessionals, and other allied health care providers. MMP&S also represents a wide range of institutional clients including hospitals, dialysis centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult homes, rehabilitation facilities, physician and radiology groups, and ambulatory surgery centers. In addition, MMP&S regularly defends medical professionals against claims of misconduct before state regulatory agencies including the OPMC and OPD.

MMP&S is not only dedicated to providing a vigorous defense to its healthcare clients, but it is equally focused on preventing future claims. To that end, MMP&S pro-actively analyzes and communicates risk management strategies to its clients to reduce the risk of future professional liability claims.

When a medical professional or facility’s reputation, competence, and integrity are called into question as the result of civil litigation, MMP&S’ team of accomplished healthcare and medical malpractice attorneys are ready, willing, and able to engage its full arsenal of legal talent, world-renowned experts, and vast knowledge and experience to vigorously defend its clients and achieve the best possible outcome.