About Us

Real Partnerships. Real Results.

Milber Makris Plousadis & Seiden, LLP is a full-service civil litigation defense firm and business partner to the insurance industry

The MMP&S Mission: We are committed to transforming legal defense work by delivering quality, measurable, cost-effective services so our clients can quickly return to the work that really matters to them and our insurance partners can maximize their underwriting returns.

When we opened MMP&S, we envisioned an environment based on mutual respect and camaraderie, working closely with our clients and insurance carriers to obtain superior results. We found the answer in collaboration and real partnership.

It is a given that we employ top legal minds and industry leaders. What differentiates us from our peers, and inspires us each and every day, is our desire to work together. Our collaborative approach brings greater depth and breadth to our work, giving us the edge we need to achieve winning results for our clients.

By rolling up our sleeves and tackling challenges together, we advance files quickly and cost-effectively. This is not just idle talk. We prove it through data analytics that help us set quality standards, keep us accountable to our clients and insurance partners, and give us solid benchmarks for improvement.

We have assembled a group of seasoned attorneys unparalleled by firms even three or four times our size. We take a flexible, case by case approach, and do not have rigid practice groups in which each partner is protective of his or her own “turf.” In this manner, we and our clients are able to rely upon the varied legal experiences and expertise of all of our attorneys.

We are proud of our system and stellar results. We are even more proud of the passionate and caring attorneys behind these metrics. Whether honing innovative strategies or obtaining courtroom verdicts, our attorneys exceed our rigorous quality standards.