Mediation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation, Arbitration & ADR

MMP&S is a full-service civil litigation defense firm committed to delivering highest quality, measurable, cost-effective services enabling our insurance partners to maximize their underwriting returns. As a core component of that commitment, MMP&S regularly counsels its clients to include effective arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provisions in their contracts and agreements, where appropriate.

MMP&S espouses the use of ADR techniques and practices as ADR has become increasingly key in resolving both one-on-one and complex, multi-party disputes at their nascent stages, without having to resort to complicated and lengthy discovery and depositions inherent in litigation. In practice, ADR typically yields quicker and more efficient dispute resolution as the parties are more invested in the process and its outcome. MMP&S’s attorneys are skilled in negotiation techniques to facilitate mutually acceptable agreements during mediation and effectively advocate at binding arbitration before third-party decision makers. MMP&S also utilizes creative ADR methods, including mock trials, independent case evaluation, and single-issue trials or mini-trials in which parties present their positions to a panel of neutral officials selected by the parties.

Moreover, many of MMP&S’s well-respected partners are regularly selected and often serve as mediators and arbitrators before the most prominent mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution panels and services.

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