MMP&S Prevails in Multi-Vehicle Accident Liability Trial in Florida

Michael Lynott and Crystal Arocha tried a liability-only case in a three-car highway accident case where MMP&S’s client allegedly struck a truck, pushing it into the plaintiff’s lane, striking the plaintiff’s vehicle and causing the plaintiff to drive off the road.  Initially, the plaintiff only sued our client and not the owner of the truck that struck her vehicle.

Mr. Lynott and Ms. Arocha named the truck owner as a Fabre defendant, which convinced the plaintiff to bring the company into the case.  The truck owner and plaintiff argued that this was a “chain reaction” accident that was initiated by our client.  Our defense was that the accident with the plaintiff was caused solely by the actions of the truck driver.

After over five hours of deliberation, the jury found the truck owner 67% liable and our client only 33% liable. This was a significant win insofar as the plaintiff did not even sue the truck owner initially, and MMP&S was able to convince the jury that the truck driver’s panicked and unreasonable response to the initial impact was the primary cause of the plaintiff’s accident.

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Auto & Transportation