MMP&S Obtains Defense Verdict in Broward County Circuit Court

The trial team of Michael J. Lynott and Ian Alperstein achieved a defense verdict after four days of trial in Broward County Circuit Court on December 21, 2023.  The trial was before Judge Michelle Towbin-Singer.  Lynott and Alperstein were defending the denial of insurance coverage to the Plaintiff based on late notice and prejudice.  The Plaintiff waited for two years before reporting a roof leak and a partial summary judgment was granted on the failure to provide prompt notice.  Lynott and Alperstein argued that the Plaintiff had no evidence other than a failing memory to prove show that a covered loss occurred within the policy period and further even if they did, there was prejudice to Citizens due to multiple repairs and failure to document the condition of the roof prior to those repairs.  The jury deliberated for just over 30 minutes before finding in favor of Citizens.

Practice Area: First-Party Property